Crumbling Foundations

All of Charlton falls within the 40 mile radius of the JJ Mottes Concrete Company, of Stafford Springs, which has been identified as the source of the concrete using rock aggregate containing pyrrhotite.

As of June 2021 there have been two documented foundation failures in the south eastern area of town.

Concrete poured between 1982 and 2015, from JJ Mottes Concrete Company, of Stafford Springs, which are within 40 miles for the concrete plant are potentially impacted by this concrete, the Special Commission has determined those within 20 miles of the plant are the most at-risk.

In the spring of 2021, additional instances of problem foundation have been found in Holden and Rutland.

The Town of Charlton and the Office of Building Inspectional Services cannot through records determine if your house has the failing concrete and can only offer a courtesy inspection of your foundation. The only conclusive way to determine if any concrete contains pyrrhotite is to have it tested.

The Town of Charlton, nor this office endorses or recommends any contractors, testing laboratories or registered professionals for the investigating, testing, or repair of any foundation or other associated work on new or existing homes. 

update January 2022

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Massachusetts Residents Against Crumbling Foundations

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