Technology Committee

*** The Technology Committee has been disbanded ***

About the Technology Committee

The mission of the Technology Committee which was formed in June of 2000 was to begin the process of identifying the long-term technology needs/wants for the Town of Charlton, in the areas of a multi-building wide area network are the following:

  • Accessing the use and licensing of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Acquiring hardware and servers
  • Acquiring reliable and compatible computer software
  • Building a reliable internet
  • Migrating their relationships with our telecommunications systems

Our Mission Today

We see our mission today as selecting, implementing, maintaining and supporting all things technology related to meet the individualized needs of all Town Departments and the Charlton community. To strive and to deliver, elite, yet fiscally sustainable overall technology programs using consolidation, standardization and possible regionalization opportunities as tools for reduction of tax supported Information Technology (IT) annual operating costs.


Some of our long range future goals are to create paperless efficiencies through automation and technology within and between departments, acquiring more technology Grants, continue to develop town services with online options via the town’s website, complete a sound disaster policy with adequate redundancies and to develop social media polices. All of this will take much more planning and significant budget changes/increases in the coming years.

In 2017 we moved to a greater service level of support for the phone system with a guaranty call back in 4 hours from Harbor Networks, not a resolution, just a call back. Also in 2017, we were able to use the resources from our IT consultant to upgrade the Police and Fire Department from 1 gigabyte to 10 at minimal costs to the town.

New Hires

We would also like to welcome Jeff Sorel newly hired in 2018 to become our first full time, IT Department head. Jeff Sorel works closely with the committee in addressing the needs of all the departments and helps keep the committee up to speed with the ever changing world of technology.