Soap Box Derby 

Mandatory Derby Car Inspection

Date: Saturday August 21st , from 10 a.m. to Noon at Charlton Middle School Driveway


The Soap Box Derby is an annual favorite! It is held Labor Day morning at 7 a.m. on Muggett Hill Road. Soap box racing began way back in 1933 in Dayton, Ohio when a bunch of kids raced against each other down a hill in cars made from pieces of scrap and junk from around the house.

The first race cars were made out of wooden crates, sheet metal, wheels off a baby stroller and even real soap boxes. This event has been part of Old Home Day in Charlton for over 30 years.

Instructions & Application

The good thing about soap box racing is that you need to be both a good racer and a good builder. Kids should build their own cars. This means they can't just sit inside and watch while Dad does the work in the garage - but Dad or Mom can help! Soap Box Pre-Race Activity; there will be a mandatory derby car inspection.

Download the Soap Box Derby Application/Regulations Form (PDF) . For more information, call Paul Courville at 646-634-3733 or Jerry Doble at 508-434-0297.