Insurance Advisory Committee


The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a committee to be known as the Insurance Advisory Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Committee. Pursuant to the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32 B, Section 3, the Committee shall be composed of eight primary members and will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a one year term ending on May 31st of each year as follows:

  • One Finance Director to serve as IAC Chairman
  • One from each of the three unions- President or Designee to be duly elected by Charlton Unions
  • One Active Non-Union Representation from within Town Hall
  • One Active Non-Union Representation from Outside Town Hall
  • One member who shall be a retiree of the Town of Charlton

The Board of Selectmen may also appoint an alternate for each primary member that may have voting authority if the Primary Member is not in attendance at the IAC Meeting. Proxy votes will not be allowed. Votes will not be weighted. IAC Chairman will only vote when needed to break a tie vote.