Board of Health

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Board of Health is to develop and maintain innovative programs to safeguard and improve the general health of the citizens of the Town. Responsibilities include developing and promoting disease prevention and wellness programs as well as improving health education and environmental awareness. The Board of Health is also responsible for interpreting and enforcing the provisions of the State Public Health Code, State Sanitary Code, State and Local Environmental Code.


The following services are offered by the Board of Health:

  • Coordinate availability and disbursement of vaccine
  • Enforce Title 5; State Sanitary Code (Septic System Regulations) as well as involvement with all new septic systems, failures and repairs
  • Inspect food establishments, ice rinks, camps, pools, beaches, housing. Enforce tobacco, massage and body art regulations
  • Issue beaver trap permits
  • Issue permits for drinking water wells as well as monitoring the safety of drinking water

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