The McIntire Cemetery

Few may know of this burial place in Charlton. It is but a few rods in the rear of the house of R. B. Dodge, Esq., on the land now owned by Frank L. Horn, and in early times was owned by Obediah McIntire, from whom we infer it received this local name. The families in this section a hundred years ago were mostly McIntires which fact may add the name still stronger. There are some thirty graves at this spot, from which we infer it was a public burial place. There is now upon it a young growth of timber - the second since the burials and the third since the first cleaing unless the bodies were buried in the woods. The underbrush is at this time so dense that it was with difficult that we found the location. These graves are simply marked with rough headstones without any inscription whatever, of name, age or date. This cemetery we can rightfully count among the oldest of the town. The McIntire families were among the very earliest settlers in this community, and without doubt used this in those early times. In only a few more years vestiges of it will be gone, if nothing is done by the town to mark this resting place of some its founders.

There is also a tomb upon this same far, in the rear of Mr. Horn's house, on the summit of McIntire Hill. It must have been built prior this century. It contains several bodies. When the farm was owned by Varanus Johnson, a few years since, for private gratification he repaired the tomb some at his own expense. It will have to be repaired again at no distant day. In the absence of all known relatives, it would be an honorable task for the town to take it in charge.

Source: Reverend Anson Titus compiled for the 1875 Centennial