The Mixer Burial Yard

The Mixter homestead is the house now owned and occupied by Albert Stevens. The Mixter property is possessed by several in that neighborhood. The burial place of the family is some ten rods from the house, back a little from the road. It is enclosed by a wall and some trees are in the enclosure. There are three headstones marking four graves, and there are some six graves unmarked. On one stone is inscribed, Mr. Ezra Mixter died December 30, 1829, aged 75 years; Azurbale, his wife, died March 3, 1816, aged 58 years. The remaining two stones mark the resting place of Rufus Mixter, Esq., and his first wife. They are inscribed, Rufus Mixter died March 19, 1845, aged 61 years; Anna, wife of Rufus Mixter, died March 29, 1821, aged 22 years. The remaining graves, without doubt, are members of the early families. Rufus Mixter, Esq., was a prominent man in town affairs, holding many official positions with credit to himself and the town.

Source: Reverend Anson Titus compiled for the 1875 Centennial