The Major Daniel Williams Lot

This is pleasantly situated on the west side of the reservoir between the Depot and City on land for a long time owned by Major Williams, and now owned by the Hammond brothers. It was made a burial place in 1791, on the death of a young daughter. This was the only grave here for nearly fifty years, when the Major and his wife were buried. The headstone records that Mr. Williams died July 6, 1838, aged 79 years, and that his wife, Marcy, died February 8, 1843, aged 75 years. Major Williams was a public spirited man and did much to encourage the schools of our town. He was a great friend of the youth, and is aid to have frequently given many new copper cents to the boys and girls who proved worthy by study and deportment. This gift, though small in value, is still remembered by our older citizens. This burial place is surrounded with a good wall and nothing is about it to mar the mind in its contemplation.

Source: Reverend Anson Titus compiled for the 1875 Centennial