Indian Hill Burial Place

We mention this at the outset because of the aborigines who lived here before the white people. This hill is opposite of the residence of Elisha Darling. There have been from time to time evidences in the shape of Indian tools found, telling use of their haunts in various parts of the town. Well-authenticated tradition points to this hill as their burial place. It is a pretty, gracefully shaped knoll, and one which they would be likely to select. There have been no Indians residing here to speak of, since the French war; hence this burial place, if such it was, has hardly been used since the settling of our town. On the farm of Elisha Darling, on the east side of Prospect Hill, is the ruin of a very ancient cellar, which tradition says was the hut of an Indian. It is in his woods, some twenty-five rods from the railroad. In the middle of the excavation there is a large chestnut tree. A large split rock is near by.

Source: Reverend Anson Titus compiled for the 1875 Centennial