Conservation Commission


The Conservation Committee oversees any work that involves removing, filling, dredging, or altering:

  • An Area Within:
    • 100 Feet of a Wetland
    • 200 Feet of Any Perennial Rivers or Streams
  • Flood Zones
  • Other Protected Areas

An application for a permit requires filing with the Conservation Commission.

Permits Issued

  • Order of Conditions
  • Determination of Applicability
  • Order of Resource Area Delineation

Consultants fees may be assessed to new filings as of 2/19/2020. Please click here for additional information.

Advertising Requirements

Notices are placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the locality, by Conservation Assistant at least five days prior to a public hearing. Abutters within 100 feet of applicant’s property line must be notified by the applicant using certified mail.