Economic Development 


The Economic Development Commission (EDC) is charged with encouraging and facilitating properly-planned economic base growth in Town, in accordance with the Town's long-range planning goals and objectives, the annual EDC goals and the Master Plan. In addition, the EDC constantly bears in mind its obligation to maintain the integrity and heritage of the Town. 

Goals & Objectives

The Commission works to achieve the goals and objectives of an adopted EDC Action Plan, which includes:

  • Business assistance funding
  • Interagency cooperation
  • Marketing
  • Route 20 development
  • Strategies for economic site development

Points of Contact for Development Projects

Department Name Function Email
Town Administrator Andrew Golas Acts as primary point of contact and ombudsman between businesses, departments and the Board of Selectmen Contact Town Administrator
Building Department & Zoning Enforcement Curtis Meskus Oversees the permitting and inspection of those issues related to all building
construction and demolition 
Contact Building Commissioner
Planning Board Randy Benson Guides and reviews matters related to the physical growth and development of the Town of Charlton governed by Federal and State Statutes, local Zoning Bylaws, and
Subdivision Rules and Regulation. 
Contact Planning Director
Assessors Kathleen Stanley Responsible for the valuation of
residential, industrial, commercial, and personal property. Processes and approves exemptions and abatements on Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax, and Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Contact Director of Assessing
Conservation Angela Panaccione Oversees work that involves removing, filling, dredging, or altering an area within 100 feet of a wetland, or within 200 feet of any perennial rivers
or streams, flood zones or other protected area.
Contact Conservation Director
Board of Health James Philbrook Responsible for addressing and maintaining all health
related environmental issues in the Town
Contact Heath Director
Water & Sewer Peter Boria Responsible for overseeing all matters related to public Water and Sewer in the Town of Charlton. Contact Sewer Superintendent
Fire Department Edward Knopf Oversees the maintenance, operation or use of any land, building, structure, material or
other object which constitute a fire or explosion hazard, which is dangerous or unsafe, or a menace to the public safety
Contact Fire Department
Town Clerk Karen Lacroix Oversees matters related to voter registration, and town election Issues. Business related issues, marriage certificates, Birth and death certificates, dog licenses. Contact Town Clerk