Current & Past Recipients

View the current and past recipients of the Boston Post Cane.

Current Recipient

Howard B. Seifert - Presented April 12, 2016

Howard B Seifert 2016The original cane is hanging in the Charlton Town Hall along with the plaque presented to Howard. The cane given to her is a hand-made replica made by Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School students. The Boston Post Cane Committee congratulates Howard and wishes him many more years in Charlton!

Past Recipients

The Boston Post Cane Committee needs your help. We are trying to put every person's name on this site that has in the past received the Boston Post Cane. If you know of anyone and the date that they would have received it, please send an email or call the Boston Post Cane Committee. We truly appreciate any information that we may receive. 

Known Past Recipients

  • Genevieve Forkey
    Presented in 2014
  • Lillian Schwenke
    Presented on the 17th day of June 2013
  • Florence Dubuque
    Presented in 2011
  • Jennie B. Prunier
    Presented on the 1st Day of September 2008
  • Annie Kingston
    Presented on the 26th day of June 2005
  • Doris R. Grimwade
    Presented on the 8th day of June 1999