Feral Cats

Semi-feral (semi-wild) or feral (wild) cats/kittens are domestic felines who are not friendly and living in the wild. They do not include friendly stray cats/kittens. They do include feral colonies, for example, a group of wild cats that live near dumpsters or other food sources, and barn cats who are accustomed to living outdoors on farms and catching mice and other small rodents.

Friendly or Unfriendly

You should never attempt to pick up a cat/kitten that you think might not be friendly. Cat bites and scratches expose you to rabies and other diseases. Charlton Animal Control can help you determine if a cat is friendly or semi-feral/feral and which option would be best for the situation.

Unwanted Feral Cats

If you are aware of feral cat colonies in Charlton or if you are a barn owner with a feral cat or barn cat overpopulation problem there are two solutions: 

  1. Trap Spay/Neuter and Release (TNR): Call Charlton Animal Control for information
  2. Trap and Euthanize: For information contact Charlton Animal Control (on a case by case basis) Charlton Animal Control has several traps available for residents to use.