Animal Inspector

The Board of Selectmen nominates an animal inspector each year and submits the name to the Massachusetts (MA) Bureau of Animal Health. The MA Bureau of Animal Health appoints a municipal animal inspector for each and every city and town in the Commonwealth.

According to the MA Bureau of Animal Health, the primary duty of the Animal Inspector has recently become rabies control in the domestic animal population. Municipal Animal Inspectors are also responsible for barn inspections and may be called to assist with domestic animal disease quarantines in the event of an outbreak.

 View more for the qualifications and duties of the Animal Inspector.

Rabies Clinic

State law requires that all dogs and cats over 6 months of age have a valid rabies vaccination

 A Rabies and Microchipping Clinic will be held yearly at the Charlton Municipal Animal Shelter, 15 Old Town Road, Charlton, MA. Rabies vaccinations are $5 each. Distemper vaccinations are $5 each. Micro-chips are $20 each. NO checks or credit/debit cards accepted. Dogs MUST be on leash and cats MUST be in carriers. Please bring previous rabies certificate to determine if you are eligible for a 3 year rabies vaccination. State law requires that all dogs and cats over 6 months of age have a valid rabies vaccination. Please check the calendar annually for the clinic date (around March/April) Questions? Call Charlton Animal Control at 508-248-2266.  

Barn Inspection

Barn Inspections are conducted October through December each year. Barn inspections are designed to: 

  • Be sure that all of the animals appear to be in good health and free from disease
  • Get a good census of the domestic animal population of the town
  • Observe animal housing and ensure ample food and water are supplied

If you have any questions about these inspections, please contact the Charlton Animal Inspector. For more information, visit the MA Bureau of Animal Health website.

Farm Animal Registration

This registration is to assist the Animal Inspector in keeping records of all farm animals in town. It will also enable the Animal Inspector to contact the owner in the event of an emergency. It is a one-page form that asks for little but very helpful information. There is no fee for this registration.