Animal Control

Charlton Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen. ACOs are responsible for enforcement of State and local laws and regulations related to animal control. In addition, ACOs will oversee the care and control of domestic animals and, in some instances, wildlife. ACOs respond to dog, cat, and wildlife calls and can provide numerous valuable resources appropriate for each situation. 

Charlton ACOs are certified through the Animal Control Officers' Association of Massachusetts (ACOAM) Certification Course


  • Catch or pick up stray and/or injured dogs
  • Return to the owner (if known) or impound
  • Issue warning letters, citations, and/or fines when appropriate


  • Work with residents who find stray cats by maintaining a lost and found list Reunite with the owner if possible
  • Assist owners with lost cats
  • Refer to other agency when appropriate


  • Respond when needed to reports of injured wildlife
  • Transport sick or injured wildlife to an appropriate wildlife facility when necessary 

All Domestic Animals and Wildlife

  • Investigate complaints from the public and respond to each complaint according to the merit of the situation
  • Respond to reports of domestic or wild animals in distress/trapped in unusual places
  • Work closely with the Animal Inspector on any suspected rabies exposure or other suspected infectious diseases

Please note that a person or organization duly licensed in removing nuisance animals must be notified in situations that necessitate trapping. 

Wildlife Notice

Charlton Animal Control has been receiving many calls regarding raccoons, skunks, foxes, and other wildlife. ACOs assist only with sick or injured wildlife, when possible. It is illegal to relocate wildlife. If you require assistance with nuisance wildlife, please contact a Massachusetts licensed Problem Animal Control Agent. Visit Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife for specific wildlife information.