Auxiliary Police

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The Auxiliary Police Unit (APU) of the Charlton Police Department, is an all volunteer Unit that provides support to the Regular Police force. The APU assists the Regular Police Force in areas of Public Safety where there is an immediate need for additional personnel, such as in times of disaster. Its purpose and mission is clearly defined as "assistance" during those peak times when additional hands are needed to perform a variety of duties that do not necessarily fall within the purview of "regular police function." The APU is also available to assist in other areas such as Parades and Town Functions.

Auxiliary Police Unit Versus Police Force

The APU is not designed to take the place of the Regular Police Force, which is a Proactive Law Enforcement Government Agency; instead, the APU is a Reactive Unit which the town may utilize in times of need. Additionally the APU provides a mechanism for individuals who are aspiring to become involved in areas of public safety, through training in areas of Policing and the ability to view Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, and Emergency Medical personnel in the performance of their duties, to improve their skills and understanding of, and to contribute to, public safety service.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to become a member of the Auxiliary Police Unit, a person must be at least 21 years of age and be of sufficiently sound Physical, Mental, Moral and Ethical character, to perform each essential function of the position in accordance with applicable law. The person must pass all Local, State and Federal Criminal Records checks (CORI), as well as any other background and reference checks the town wishes to make and shall give written permission for same. No person convicted of a Felony or Violation of a Drug control act shall be eligible. Any conviction of a Misdemeanor charge will be handled on a case by case basis, dependent on the severity of the crime. The person shall have a valid Massachusetts Drivers License and have the ability to obtain a License to Carry a Firearm Massachusetts. If you are interested in becoming an Auxiliary Police Officer please contact Sergeant Keith Cloutier at 508-248-2250.

Before the Appointment

Before appointment, the person shall provide a letter from a qualified licensed medical Physician, stating that he/she is Physically and Mentally able to perform the duties of an Auxiliary Police Officer. Any person accepting this position will acknowledge that their position is an all volunteer position, except where there is the possibility, if any, to work "Paid Details," such as traffic control for private contractors.