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1st Tuesday of each month at 6 PM in the Conservation Commission Office

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Linda Bellows, Chairman
Denton Hutchens
Lucas Stevens
Recreation Commission

Authorizes the use of recreation fields in the Town of Charlton. If requested use is not a town use, decisions are discretionary, and on a case-by-case basis. This committee is responsible for the maintenance of existing recreational facilities and the development of additional facilities.

Municipal Fields Notice: Please be advised that groups that use the Municipal Recreation Fields that are between the Library and the Westridge Cemetery that parking within the CEMETERY is NOT allowed and individuals who do park there may have their vehicles ticketed or towed.

until Spring!

Skate Park: Effective May 5, 2015 the Charlton Skate park is officially closed. The Charlton Recreation Commission learned at our meeting Tuesday May 5th that Todd Girard enlisted the aid of a certified licensed engineer to inspect the skate park. Todd and the engineer inspected all ramps/jumps at the park, the engineer determined all the structures are unsafe/dangerous and beyond repair. Upon learning about this finding a motion was made and passed to close the skate park immediately and dismantle it as soon as possible. Charlton recreation commissioners and two citizens that were at our meeting will explore the possibility of fundraising/grants etc to rebuild the skate park. Please contact us if you have ideas for this endeavor.

Recreation Commission Statement Re: Need for Fields

The Recreation Commission has been trying to keep pace with the needs and demands of the citizens of our town with regards to maintaining and developing recreational facilities for the towns citizens of all ages. Presently, we barely are able to meet the need with very limited recreational scope available.

The Recreation Commission has been trying to develop a top of the line, multi faceted facility since the late 1990's. A facility of this type may include a multipurpose turf field (soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, football), softball field, baseball fields(large & small) and volleyball & basketball courts. The use of these could be extended with lighting.

We would like to develop nature trails, educational walks, and low impact circuit training. There has been discussion of a BMX bike area, a picnic area, a "camping" area for scout groups, and the latest rave is a "dog park" (the development of which would keep the dogs off of the playing fields and areas). A playground would lend itself nicely to this type of facility as well. Wouldn't it be great to be able to have community concerts and shows of some type? Facilities of this type are proven to raise property values.

The challenges to development: location that won't disturb neighbors, that is readily accessible, parking, and financing.

In the past 12 to 15 years, the Rec Comm has left no stone unturned as we investigated and looked at every piece of property that was large enough...whether it was available for sale or not. I can tell you, very few came close to the criteria. However, those that were fairly close had their own challenges. For example, the Flint Rd property (adjacent to the Highway barn) has site development issues that were found to be a bit more challenging than anticipated when the highway barn was built. This was the latest and best option that the town had that could be completed, but at a cost.

That was until very recently. During the winter, a property came available for consideration from a family who wanted to somehow give back to the community. Once it was brought to our attention, the 40 acre parcel was walked, discussed and evaluated. This property has great value and potential. The development costs would be significantly less, the location is very accessible (Sampson Rd and Rt20..on way to Heritage Golf Course), will not bother neighbors, and has so much more to offer. Simply put the best option for recreational development that this town has ever seen. It will offer options that could fill some/most of the needs and objectives mentioned previously.

We hope that you will find the value of such a project and investment to be a positive for our town.

Thank you,
John Perkins
Charlton Recreation Commission

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