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Open Space Committee Members

Deborah Ceccarini
Darlene Emco-Rollins
Robert Hartwig
Paul Kolesnikovas
Lisa Westwell

Conservation Agent
Todd Girard

CMRPC Planner
Jayne Armington
Open Space and Recreation Committee

Review the Final Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan and accompanying maps. The plan is available for public comment until Friday April 28, 2017:
Open Space and Recreation Plan (Final Draft - April 5, 2017)

7 Year Action Plan
Unique and Scenic Features
Environmental Justice
Open Space
Water Resources 1
Water Resources 2
Review the Survey Results

About the Open Space and Recreation Committee

The Town of Charlton is in the process of updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) to understand the needs and concerns of residents of Charlton regarding its open space and recreation facilities. The plan is being developed by the Charlton Open Space and Recreation Committee with assistance from the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission. Funding is provided by the Town of Charlton.

Your participation in the planning process is very important to developing a plan that meets the needs of Charlton’s residents. Once the OSRP is adopted, Charlton will become eligible for numerous state, federal, and private foundation grant opportunities for park and conservation projects.

Open Space for this planning process is defined as "public and privately-owned undeveloped lands which are important for a variety of reasons, including recreation, conservation, water resource protection, agriculture, forestry, or simply because of their scenic qualities and their contribution to the overall character of the town." The terms recreational open space or recreation refer to "land used for active recreational purposes, such as athletic fields or golf courses. Land used for active recreation does not qualify technically as open space because, for example, these parcels are often covered with paved surfaces such as that for tennis courts, basketball courts and parking lots." Open space and recreational planning will help us preserve open space while allowing development to occur that is consistent with the character of the Town.

You can participate by taking our survey, attending the public forum and submitting comments in writing. Please continue to check back for updates on this planning process, including a posted draft plan!

Survey: Asks Charlton residents to identify open space and recreational needs, issues and concerns. It will take about five minutes to complete and can be accessed here: Charlton residents are asked complete this survey before Monday, September 19, 2016. Paper copies of the survey can be picked up and returned at the Charlton Town Hall, Charlton Library circulation desk, and Charlton Senior Center.

Public Forum: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at the Charlton Senior Center. Results of the survey will be shared at this event, and participants will be asked to comment on survey findings as well as identify Charlton’s top goals and objectives for implementation.

Draft Plan: in process

The Charlton Open Space and Recreation Committee

Deborah Ceccarini
Darlene Emco-Rollins
Robert Hartwig
Paul Kolesnikovas
Lisa Westwell

Staff Support

Todd Girard, Town of Charlton Conservation Agent
(508) 248-2247 or

Jayne Armington, CMRPC Principal Planner
(508) 459-3322 or