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Government Study Committee
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Steve Coleman
J.W. Evans
Recording Secretary
Karen Spiewak
Kathleen Walker
Fred Pappalardo
Jean Vincent
Susan Gelb
Government Study Committee

Government Study Committee Info: Resident Input Needed!
This committee’s charge is to review the current form of government and make a recommendation at the next annual town meeting as to whether or not there should be a change in our current form of government. In order to make that decision we need to hear from as many people as possible on the challenges they may face with our current form of government. Any residents that would like to comment on our form of government or make any recommendations is encouraged to email the committee at

The Government Study Committee was formed at the May 18, 2015 Annual Town Meeting, Article 15:

To see if the Town will vote (a) to authorize the Board of Selectmen to create a purely advisory government study committee, and to report back to Town Meeting with any recommendations for possible improvements to the current form and processes of Charlton town government, (b) such committee to be composed of: one appointee by the Bylaw committee; one appointee by the Personnel Board; two appointees by the Moderator; and three members at large appointed by the Board of Selectmen, (c) the term of such committee to be for one year, or take any action relative thereto or thereon.


Town Bylaws 2014 (last updated October 2014)

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