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Fay Mountain Farm Committee
37 Main Street
Charlton, MA 01507
P: 508-248-2247
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Agenda - Jan. 24, 6:30 PM


Fay Mountain Farm Committee Members

Arthur Bellerive, Chair
Michael Poulin, Vice Chair
Kathleen Walker, Secretary
Dr. Robert Hartwig
Rick Swenson
Cindy Cooper
Julie Dowen
Fay Mountain Farm Committee

The Fay Mountain Farm Committee reports directly to the Charlton Conservation Commission. The Committee is responsible for the oversight of the open space, maintenance, and future activities of the orchard.

More on Fay Mountain Farm:

Located north of Stafford Street off of Cemetary Road, a Town designated Scenic Road, the 65 acre Fay Mountain Farm was purchased by the Town of Charlton in 2002 with a grant provided by the Mass. Division of Conservation Services (DCS) and funding provided by the Masonic Home through a state agricultural mitigation fund requirement. The Town preserves this unique property as an active farm resource via leasing for continued apple orchard production.

The on-site open space also offers passive recreational opportunities via a segment of the Midstate Trail that passes through the site. In addition to the 32 acre on site orchard, the property includes a historical barn, Snow Pond, blueberry and raspberry plantings and over 28 aces of natural wooded and field open space.


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Snow's Pond Fishing Map