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Economic Development Commission Directory

Alan I. Gordon
Economic Development

Anthony Jay Detarando, Chair
Mike Jacobs, Vice-Chair
Richard Cayer
Alicia Dzik
Mike Lally
Bill Fontaine
Terek Mroczkowski
Sabrina Webb
Peter Boria, Alternate
Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) is charged with encouraging and facilitating properly-planned economic base growth in Town, in accordance with the Town's long-range planning goals and objectives, the annual EDC goals and the Master Plan. In addition, the EDC constantly bears in mind its obligation to maintain the integrity and heritage of the Town. The Commission works to achieve the goals and objectives of an adopted EDC Action Plan, which includes strategies for economic site development, interagency cooperation, Route 20 development, marketing, and business assistance funding.

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A Guide to Economic Development in the Town of Charlton, Massachusetts Brochures Available!

Welcome to the Town of Charlton Economic Development Marketing Brochure. This brochure is sponsored by the Charlton Economic Development Commission (EDC) with funding support from Southbridge Savings Bank.

The goal of this brochure is two-fold. First, to offer information regarding key commercial an industrial development opportunities along Charlton's Route 20 corridor. The second related goal is to highlight key existing corporate entities which make-up the base of Charlton's existing economy; these large-scale businesses may complement or augment companies which may wish to locate within the undeveloped corridor parcels highlighted in this brochure.

Brochure are available at the Charlton Municipal Offices, 37 Main Street, Charlton as well as other establishments around town. For more information, contact the EDC at the Town Hall Planning Office at 508-248-2237.

Charlton is BioReady™
Charlton earns Gold rating for biotech readiness
May 29, 2012 (Charlton, MA)—Charlton has received a Gold BioReady™ rating, signifying its readiness to work with biotechnology companies interested in locating there, according to the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio). Read more.

Economic Development Action Plan

In November of 2001, the EDC established an Economic Development Action Plan for successfully planning and implementing economic development in Charlton. The Plan serves as a multi-year blueprint by which economic development goals and objectives are established and achieved.

The Economic Development Action Plan consists of multiple economic development projects, program efforts and work tasks within five (5) focus areas:
  • Regional Collaborative Economic Development Efforts
  • Business Enterprise Zone Planning
  • Intergovernmental Economic Development Assistance
  • Public-Private Economic Development Partnerships
  • Community Marketing Efforts
Each focus area is addressed in turn, with required work efforts detailed and action items prioritized. For further details and to view the entire Economic Development Action Plan, you may download a copy of the Action Plan. There are appendices that will not be displayed. For those, please contact Alan Gordon at (508) 248-2237.

EDC News

Zoning By-Law Diagnostic Project
Business Enterprise Zone Project
Development Permit Process Guidebook
Economic Development Marketing Efforts
Business Assistance

Zoning By-Law Diagnostic Project

The EDC worked with the Planning Board throughout 2007 and 2008 on the revision and update of the Charlton Town Master Plan, which was completed in December of 2008. The EDC is participating with the Planning Board in working with the Master Plan consulting firm of VHB, Inc. in implementing the zoning by-law diagnostic recommendation of the Plan, analyzing the by-law and considering updating the site plan development requirements of the zoning by-law to best serve the planning and development needs of both the Planning Board and applicants for non-residential proposed developments along the Route 20 and Route 169 corridors in Charlton.

Business Enterprise Zone Project

Since 2001, the EDC has worked in a collaborative partnership effort that has included the Planning Board, Central Mass. Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) and at various stages the consultant services of Ms. Jeanne Armstrong, Principal of the economic development planning firm Land Use, Inc., to analyze suitable town locations for potential economic development within a Business Enterprise Zone concept. This effort focuses on examining potential economic development-related re-zoning opportunities along portions of Route 20 and possibly elsewhere in Town. For the latest information on this ongoing economic development planning effort, please contact EDC Director Alan I. Gordon at 508-248-2237.

Development Permit Process Guidebook

The EDC has compiled a Development Permit Process Guidebook as a comprehensive guide to assist applicants in obtaining permits and licenses in the Town of Charlton. The Guidebook is updated annually every November, and has proven to be a very popular and useful information source for the local permitting process. The public may obtain copies of the Guidebook from the Planning Board Office, Building Commissioner's Office or Town Clerk's Office in the Town Building, 37 Main Street. The Planning Board Office also has a limited number of Guidebook copies available on CD Rom.

Economic Development Marketing Efforts

In accordance with the goals of the Economic Development Action Plan, the EDC promotes and markets economic development opportunities in Charlton by participating in area Business Expos. The EDC operates a booth each year at the New England Business Expo at the Worcester Centrum Centre. The booth has proven to be very successful, with Expo attendees learning about the existing economic base in Town, the ongoing Business Enterprise Zone planning project and ongoing development projects in Town.

The EDC will next operate its booth at the New England Business Expo at the Worcester Centrum Centre on Thursday, October 28, 2010. The New England Business Expo is one of the largest business expos in the country with up to 15,000 anticipated attendees and nearly 300 exhibitor booths. For more information on the New England Business Expo, contact EDC Director Alan I. Gordon at 508-248-2237.

Business Assistance

The EDC serves as the local government contact for Massachusetts state agencies that offer economic development funding and technical assistance to eligible existing local businesses planning to expand, as well as new business and site economic development proposals. Agency programs that the EDC can assist with include the following:

  • Predevelopment Assistance Fund
  • Brownfields Program Funding
  • Bond Financing
  • Industrial Park/Special Projects Funds
  • Equipment Financing Program
Mass. Alliance For Economic Development
  • Quick Consults Program
  • Site Selection Assistance

For further information and assistance with these economic development business assistance programs, please contact EDC Director Alan I. Gordon at 508-248-2237.


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